Layered Jewelry featured on Taiwan’s TTV News Channel

Layered Jewelry makes it easier to buy quality jewelry online at reasonable price points

TTV (Taiwan) features Layered Jewelry in a May 2022 news story. "In the past, people who wanted to buy jewelry had to go all the way to the store to make their selections. Now they can buy them online." _TTV News Anchor_ "This is an era that consumers are switching to online purchases. Online shopping has become an irreversible trend." _Patrick Hsieh Market Taiwan Senior Product Manager_ [Click here for access to full TV news story.]( "TTV-Taiwan TV Coverage of Layered Jewelry") **Product note:** One of the many Layered rings featured in the news story is the "Kimberly." For options that work for your next layered look featuring "Kimberly," [click here.]( "Layered Jewelry ring, "Kimberly"")